Science from a distance

From our older boys planning and conducting experiments, to our younger boys exploring mixtures and growing plants.

All Junior School students have enthusiastically embraced Science from home this term.

The Prep boys have been investigating the properties of different foods at home. They have compared uncooked and cooked spaghetti and raw and fried eggs. They have also melted chocolate and heated popcorn and then cooled both foods to see if they change back to their original state.

The Year 2 boys have similarly examined materials at home, but they have focused on mixtures and the purpose of the mixtures. They have investigated how mixtures change as different materials are added and they have explored how some mixtures can be separated.

The Year 3 boys have learned about the life stages of plants. They have explored their gardens at home and all the different types of plants in their gardens. Most recently, the boys have started preparing a bean seed for germination, by giving it water and warmth.

Through hands-on activities, the Year 5 boys have been investigating how the structural features of desert plants and animals help them to survive in their environment. The boys have focused on setting up a fair experiment and how comparing their results to their predictions enables them to develop explanations.

The way the boys and their families have taken on Science at home has been a testament to the passion and curiosity our boys have about the world around them and finding out how things work. Thank you to our BGS community for encouraging their discoveries and adventures in their expanding world of Science.

Laura Hall
Science Teacher