Science Week

Brighton Grammar celebrated Science Week in style, with fun science events and competitions.

The RooKeepers brought with them some slithery and cuddly friends that the boys enjoyed meeting. There was also fierce competition to see who could launch a bottle rocket the furthest. The winners were Julian Carlin, George Jowett and Harrison Kemp.

In the Titration Challenge, Year 12 Chemistry students were paired with non-Science staff members to instruct them on how to perform the titration. The most accurate titration won and congratulations to Chuck Tian and our Headmaster Ross Featherston.

In the popular Parachute competition, Liam Jones (Year 8) won with an impressive six second hangtime and minor placings went to Jack Huang (Year 7), Freddie Featherstone, Billy Duncan and Ollie Fitzpatrick (Year 8).

To wrap up the week, the boys enjoyed ice-cream made by Moe (Mwilye) Sikanyika, Jasper Wolfe and Jack Hollingsworth using liquid nitrogen.

Thanks to the Lab Technicians, Science teachers and students for making it such a fun week.

Kristy Bjarnelind
Head of Science