Secondary Reporting

Parents play a vital role in the educative process and the school aims to provide you with the most accurate assessments of how your child is progressing.

With the implementation of our new learning management system (Schoolbox), we reviewed our parent report experience. Our findings suggest that we needed to further strengthen our three-cornered partnership approach to student learning by:

  • improving the visibility and timeliness of grades, marking and feedback
  • updating the learning behaviours being reported
  • simplifying the term reports into a more digestible format

A video demonstrating how to access grades and learning behaviours can be viewed here.

Visibility and timeliness of grades, marking and feedback

As we have communicated to you previously, you can now see student grades live through the BGS App. As a logical next step, we have changed from having end of term subject comments to more frequent and timely feedback comments within Schoolbox. This improves the usefulness of these comments in helping students to progress their learning in a timely manner.

Learning behaviours

Our learning behaviours have been adjusted to better reflect the behaviours that lead to effective learners. All behaviours are marked on a rubric within Schoolbox using a four-point scale (well below standard, below standard, at standard and above standard). This scale provides more clarity around the standard at BGS and provides visible descriptions of what these different standards look like.

Staff will be completing these learning behaviours for each class between now and the end of term and they can be viewed on Schoolbox when completed.

Simplified and more accessible reports

The reports feature a one-page overview containing the overall subject grades and learning behaviours. Details about what has been studied, the individual grades and feedback comments can all be accessed through Schoolbox in more detail than ever before.

Other components of the reports (pastoral comments and a list of activities) will remain as they have been on previous reports.

We trust that you will find these improvements will help to form meaningful conversations with your son.

Please contact me should you have any further questions.

Patrick Sanders
Associate Head of the Crowther Centre, Curriculum and Assessment