Snowsports Canada Trip

Last weekend the Canada trip returned to Australia, having had an amazing experience across the globe and away from family.

The boys have agreed that our collective skiing and snowboarding skills have improved massively.

Personally, I have really struggled with moguls in the past and when we went straight for them on the first day, I thought it was going to be a pain if the rest of the trip was like this. By the third day we had worked on moguls enough that I was happy, even excited, to go down a mogul run and try out what I had learnt. 

Looking more towards the whole group, we had all struggled with short turning, so much so we spent a whole day just working on that.

None of the improvements that happened during the trip would have been possible if we’d have had different instructors.

The skiing instructor, Andrew, was very knowledgeable and patient, he worked individually with each of us on things we could improve on and what he thought as a group we could do better.

Whilst in Canada we were lucky enough to go to the Jasper Planetarium and learn about the Jasper Dark Sky Preserve and the night sky.

Throughout the whole trip we built up our resilience and patience when flights got delayed or bags got misplaced. We also built stronger team relationships, whether this was from playing cards together, visiting the town, trying to spot bears in the forest, and seeing the surprisingly friendly elk.

Overall, all the boys are so thankful they could go on this trip and appreciate all the work that Mr Steed, Mr White, and Ms Kerr put in to make the trip as fun and safe as possible.

We all really enjoyed it; we also hope that the trip will be available in the years to come so that other boys will be able to experience this amazing journey.

Flynn Quill
Year 10 Student