Students in the Top End

Year 9 students Calvin Cook, Cecil Puruntatameri and Kaleb Brogan-Rioli and Max Puruntatameri, Year 8, all alumni from the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, have relocated to the Michael Long Centre for Learning and Leadership in Darwin to continue their studies this term while Melbourne remains in distance learning mode.

The move has attracted the attention of the Northern Territory News and the boys were featured in a recent article.

“It was hard coming down to Melbourne and pretty nervous in that first year,” Kelvin told the NT News. “But when you get used to it, you know it’s going to be all right. Up here, you’ve got heaps of family, which is important. Down there you’ve got heaps of friends, heaps of school mates to support that.”

“We’re doing school through Zoom, it’s easy up here,” Cecil said. “We still feel a part of the class. Our classmates are on Zoom back home, too, so we aren’t left out by being up here”.

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