Sweeping the sheds

In week one of term, the call went out under the Oak for our boys to ‘Sweep the Sheds’. An initiative of Ms Anna Ladas and the Community Service Committee, the ‘Oak Challenge’ asked boys to complete 8 tasks over 8 weeks.

From the famous book Legacy by James Kerr that details the habits and beliefs of one of the most successful teams in sport, to ‘Sweep the Sheds’ is to ‘never be too big to do the small things that need to be done’. Boys were asked to:     

1    Cook dinner (give your parents the night off, it doesn’t have to be restaurant quality)

2    Read to a sibling or your parents

3   Wash the car/dog/cat or even yourself!

4   Vacuum or mop the house (you’ll need to pick up everything off your floor).

5   Ring and speak to a grandparent or mentor 

6   Help a sibling/friend with homework in person or over the phone

7   Walk the dog/cat or someone else’s dog/cat.

8   Perform a random act of kindness

While 2020 School Captain Jack Clarkson (above) started with a bang, by cooking dinner for the family, he was not the first to complete all the tasks. Harry George (Year 8) has been hard at work and was the first boy to complete all 8 tasks including the random act of kindness. Jack talks with Harry (below) about his achievements.

If boys need some inspiration, they can find something to be a part of under the Oak.