Taking flight

At the Year 4 Father/Son Night, boys and their dads were challenged to a paper plane competition, in line with Term 3’s cross-curricular focus on flight. First, they watched the final minutes of the classic Australian Movie, Paper Planes. Then they put the concepts of balance, drag and dihedrals into practice by experimenting with a series of planes, which were tested in the hallways. Finally, the pairs were given 30 minutes to perfect their ‘best’ plane. The pressure was on to make, test, modify and test again!

Three finalists were chosen from planes separated by mere centimetres. To add to the suspense, Mrs Box (part-time game-show host!) had these three boys throw their planes one at a time. The crowd hung off every second, watching each plane soar and slowly fall. Harry Denning, who threw last, was the final winner.

Above, Ethan Abramovich and his dad work on their folding technique.