The Joys of Reading

Our boys have not only embraced the array of reading opportunities offered to them, but most importantly their understanding of the significant value of reading has continued to grow. They are becoming more aware that those individuals who have a love of reading can potentially have a big advantage in life.

In 3 Wills, reading time is allocated each day. There is, of course, a large reading component in classroom lessons throughout the curriculum, including reading of a class novel and the personal reading of library books. The boys’ connection with literature is enhanced through students and staff honouring books that they have enjoyed with the class, through visual reviews, viewing stories read online by high profile people in the boys’ outside world and, most crucially, through the reading culture within the boys’ home environment.

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration at school provided the boys with a very special reading experience. With their mums by their side, each boy created a wonderful poster that displayed images and information based on an imaginary book character that had evolved from the boy’s favourite book character, and his mother’s favourite one. Mother and son then read aloud to each other and discussed the text. Ideally, such reading should happen at home regularly.

Brendan Rahn
3 Wills Homeroom teacher