The young men return

First Horizon 2022

Outwardly, they may seem like the same people who left just four days ago, but there’s something different about them.

It’s tangible, the air, the mood has changed.

You can see it in the smiles, the handshakes, the hugs and in the ease and comfort of togetherness only possible through a special shared experience. And it’s not only for the Year 10s, but also for their dads, their mums, their mentors and all the attending staff who facilitated the program, whose hearts have all grown bigger too.

It’s the largest First Horizon cohort of Year 10s we’ve taken away, and now, done in-house by a team of staff and past students, we’re especially proud to be able to provide this amazing experience for our community.

The four day First Horizon rite of passage is a fitting conclusion to the two year BGS Capstone program which aims to support, prepare and recognise students during their growth in Years 9 and 10.

Returning to the School, the Year 10s are presented with new striped blazers, a symbol of their role as senior Secondary School students and as young men with a newfound responsibility to the community.