Theatre of Dangerous Ideas

While Theatre of Dangerous Ideas (TODI) sounds like a dramatic and intimidating name, it really isn’t.

In TODI, we discuss a chosen topic – last week we interrogated whether decolonising our curriculums would contribute to the decline or progress of our civilisation. In previous weeks, we have discussed if we need a police force, if there is a God, and whether there is a rise of fake news. 

Ethics, morals, as well as the logic behind contemporary issues, are explored, in a truly open space where individuals can express their views. These spaces, I feel, are becoming a dying phenomenon, which is a problem, because it can be cathartic to voice opinions that may be thought of by some as controversial.

During one session, we considered the idea that if individuals cannot even talk about a particular topic, then surely the action of shunning the topic is worse than the topic itself. Do we not value free speech?

TODI is versatile and completely open – it heads in whatever casual direction students feel. With Mr Pidduck and Ms Counihan at the helm, students are free to voice their opinions or just listen. Or both. I would encourage anyone who is interested in developing their thinking or wanting a space to discuss philosophical, political, or social issues to join us.

Eric Stone
Year 11