Thompson Club

Parent Support Group

The Thompson Club (Friends of Tennis) is a supporter group for all current tennis players and their families, as well as Old Boys, Past Parents, Staff, and others interested in tennis at BGS.

A little history

BGS tennis has a long and proud history. The School archives note that by the late 1880s, tennis was an integral part of the sports program. At BGS today, tennis remains the largest participant sport in the School.

Our overarching goal is to ensure that all players, at all levels, enjoy their experience of this great sport and have the opportunity to progress their individual game to the highest level of which they are capable. In addition, the purpose of the Thompson Club is to:

  •      Promote the sport of tennis at BGS
  •      Improve the standard of tennis across the School
  •      Assist the School to implement the best tennis program possible
  •      Undertake fundraising activities and provide additional financial support for program development and equipment
  •      Provide opportunities for members to socialise

Membership is for life and requires only a one-off membership fee

Family Life  Membership (immediate family members only) – $100     
Year 12 student family (special price) – $50


To find out more or to join, please contact the Director of Sport Jack Joslin.