Tonners’ Storytime

One of the great initiatives I have been introduced to this term has been my experience participating in the Tonners’ Storytime (storytelling session) in the Junior School library.

The program involves a collection of Secondary School students making their way across the road at lunchtime with a picture book each, and passing some of their favourite childhood stories down to our Junior School boys.

Whilst it is always fun to revisit some of the picture books we read as kids, I believe that the connections formed through storytelling are some of the most powerful in the world. Whenever we make our way into the library, we are welcomed with the smiling faces of boys who we may never have met if not for this program.

As well as instilling a lifelong love of reading within these young students, the program also inspires a love of performance, community and passing down stories. Building connections between Junior and Secondary School students can have an immeasurable impact on both the younger and older boys.

I greatly anticipate extending the program in the new year in order to further strengthen the bonds formed through the Tonners’ Storytime.

Ben Fox
Year 11