Top Public Speakers

Brighton Grammar students successfully competed in the first round of the Rotary BaySpeak Public Speaking Competition recently.

Our competitors were Kenneth Yeung and Connor Giles in the Junior Division, and Charles Sabin and Jenson Galvin in the Senior Division. Practising their public speaking skills were Tom Hara and Hugo Faulkner-Aschman.

Our students spoke on a wide range of issues: the importance of having pets, why soccer has changed who I am, the problems of the Internet, lowering the voting age to 14, why homework is redundant, and the hypocrisy of political campaigns. As a collective, our boys delivered confident and charismatic speeches that were engaging, insightful, and thought-provoking. 

Winners from the evening were Connor Giles, who placed first in the Junior Division, and Charles Sabin who placed second in the Senior Division.

Congratulations to both boys, and well done to all of our speakers.

Kirsten Dunsby
Head of Debating and Public Speaking