‘Unlock the Dance’

Christian Machar, Head of Student Leadership Years 7-12

The Legacy Project formally began in 2017 with the purpose of developing culture through the student leadership group. Last year, the Prefects created and led with the theme of ‘As One’ and ‘A better man today than I was yesterday’. Although these messages have not been forgotten and will continue to be echoed by our current leaders, this year they have decided upon the theme ‘Unlock the Dance’. Here is Captain and Vice Captain of the School, Noah McGrath and Martin Kulesza, explaining what this means:

The phrase ‘Unlock the Dance’ is used to portray that each of us here at Brighton Grammar School have the capabilities and opportunities to achieve our full potential, individually and collectively. These moments of success and triumph – whether through academics, the arts, sports or through co-curricular events – are what we define as the dance; a moment in time where together as Tonners we are joined in a feeling of pride, comradery and community. Unlocking the dance therefore becomes the act of creating these moments. It’s involving yourself in the school culture and making the most of it, because what we have here at Brighton, is unlike anywhere else you’ll ever experience. 

We look forward to following the student leaders and their goal to ‘Unlock the Dance’ in each of us – whether we are a student, staff or community member.