A brief background to DL

Following on from the Crowther Centre parent webinars on distance learning, Dr Ray Swann has condensed his presentation into smaller snackable videos. The first covers the background and foundation of the School’s Distance Learning approach.

For updates or any questions, please email Ray and his team at Crowther Centre

[0:09] Greetings and introduction

[0:29] Acknowledgement of Country

[0:44] Commencement

[0:52] A brief recap of Distance Learning 1.0-2.0

[1:45] What’s important: 1. Growth Trajectory

[2:14] 2. Virtuous Cycle

[2:56] 3. Learning is both biologically primary and secondary

[3:42] Learning is contextually based

[5:02] Cognitive load

[5:40] Types of Learning: Synchronous and Asynchronous

[7:05] Closing remarks