Violence is not cool

Four times world boxing champ Danny Green took a break from training to address the BGS boys about his ground-breaking Stop the Coward Punch campaign.

During his presentation to more than 700+ Year 7 to 12 boys, Danny made it very clear that if you sidle up from behind and crack a guy with an unexpected punch, you’re a coward.

In fact, ‘coward punch’ is a phrase Danny himself coined in order to take any glamour out of what is sometimes known as the ‘king punch’. As Danny says, “You can be called all sorts of things, but no guy wants to be called a coward.” 

The father of two also addressed the devastating consequences that a coward punch can have, both for the one who is hit and the one who throws the punch, not to mention their families.

In fact, it was the most devastating of these consequences – the death of a teenager in Perth two years ago – that inspired Danny to take the first step towards stopping this form of senseless violence. Danny made a self-funded television ad to help combat unnecessary violence in social situations. The ad was widely broadcast, resonating with millions of kids and parents alike and kick-starting the Stop the Coward Punch campaign. Further ads are currently in production.

”I’m trying to get the message to tell people – not only the people who throw the punch – but his mates to say, ‘Hey buddy, pull back, don’t worry about it, let it go, let’s enjoy the night’. Our mates have to be held accountable too, not responsible but be held accountable… someone needs to stop this,” explained Danny.

When one of the boys asked whether there is a difference between punching in sport or on the street, Danny made his view crystal clear: “If you hit someone from behind on the street or in sport, you are a scumbag.”

When it comes to combating violence, we’re glad to have Danny in our corner.