Vision and values

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We are a learning community passionate about developing, inspiring and guiding a boy on his journey to adulthood.

The learning journey at Brighton Grammar School starts with one small step – whether your son is entering the Early Learning Centre, the Junior School, the Secondary School or even as a senior boy for the VCE years.

Every stage of the journey through our School has been carefully designed to bring out the best in your son and to give him choice and opportunity to become the person he wants to be as he makes his way towards adulthood. This is never a solo journey; supporting each boy is a staff of people expert in teaching boys who have actively chosen to join a school that teaches only boys.

Our staff really get to know the boys because not only do they teach them in the classroom, but they coach or manage sports teams, get involved in drama, chess, debating and music, attend outdoor education camps and manage the pastoral care program. One of the great strengths of our school is the way in which boys feel a sense of belonging and that they are known.

Our expertise in understanding boys, celebrating boys and knowing how to teach boys.


Our School’s four core values underpin everything we do as a community


for teaching and learning


for people and everything around us


in behaviour and decision making


for our actions, contributions and achievements.

Our Culture

We are an active and welcoming community of boys, teachers, parents and alumni. Being part of the BGS community is a special honour that is exciting and inspiring.


Boys and staff grow and develop, learn who they are, what they want and how to get it while always striving for their personal best.


Genuine effort and excellence are recognised and celebrated.


We recognise each boy’s success is optimised with the active engagement of parents in the educational journey.


Everyone prospers in an environment of positivity and wellbeing.


Resources are valued and carefully allocated and opportunities are actively sought to expand existing resources through strategic alliances, waste reduction and the highest levels of business efficiency.

Child Safety

Brighton Grammar School is fully committed to the protection of children and young people during all School activities and environments both within and outside of school hours.