Warm welcome to Secondary School

A total of 159 Year 7 boys arrived at School on 30 January bearing gifts, well more like boxes of books and bellies of nerves. I’d like to pull the curtain back and give parents an insight into what unfolded on your son’s first day in the Secondary School. 

The boys were met by their House Tutors who shared stories about themselves and the boys soon realised they had plenty in common with their tutors. Not too many shared the love of the North Melbourne Football Club with Mr Cook however!

The Year 8 boys presented their new PALs (buddies) with their House badges and shared their own stories of their first day and year in the Urwin Centre. The School Prefects welcomed the boys with a rendition of the Brighton Grammar Chorus.

Our Year 7s were then met by the Year 11 boys at Rosstrevor, who waved flags and sang BGS songs, and led them through a guard of honour to the Mitchell Oval where, again, songs and chants marked the Year 7s arrival to the St Andrew’s end of the School.

At the entrance to the Tower Wing, the Year 7s were greeted by School Marshal, Jason Bain who asked the boys (in his commanding voice) if they agreed to uphold the values of Brighton Grammar and always give of their best.

Dmitry Sorokin was brave enough to step forward and knock loudly on those giant wooden doors. As they swung open, the boys walked through smoke and were greeted by the cheers of over 700 Year 8-12 BGS boys.

Under the mighty Oak tree, the boys stood in awe as our Chantologists led the School in uplifting chants to celebrate the arrival of our youngest members of the Brighton Grammar Secondary School family.

Scott Davies
Head of Transition