Magician, Sage, Warrior, Caregiver

A Year 12 student describes the Legacy Project and the four archetypes.

The Legacy Project is the main leadership initiative in the Senior School. Throughout this year the student leadership group has been working with international best-selling author James Kerr (Legacy: 15 Lessons in Leadership). The Project aims to foster a school culture based around the principles of high performance (using organisations such as Team Britain, the All Blacks and the British Special Forces), and to enable students to track their progress, and the impact that their progress has on those around them.

In Term 3, the Legacy Project is striving to provide a framework by which the students can assess their individual progress. The boys have taken the School strategy areas (learning, being, creating, playing) and expressed them through four archetypes: Magician, Warrior, Caregiver and Sage. These archetypes were born out of research undertaken by Crowther last year into what makes a ‘successful man’, according to the boys, parents and staff. The archetypes represent elements of each boy’s personality. The Legacy Project plans to use these archetypes as another tool by which the boys can learn and develop different parts of their character.

Above are the four images chosen by the Year 12 boys to represent each archetype (left to right: magician, sage, warrior, caregiver).