Year 10 Awake Program

A rite of passage in Year 10, the Awake Program on the Surf Coast is designed to foster genuine connections among the boys and deepen their self-awareness.

Awake provides a unique setting for reflection and exploration of wellbeing practices against the backdrop of a picturesque coastal environment.

Witnessing the boys’ enthusiastic participation in the program’s activities was truly inspiring. Through four rotating sessions, they were introduced to novel techniques aimed at slowing down and managing their emotions. Led by our team of dedicated wellbeing professionals, these sessions included Sound Healing, Yoga and Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and the creation of Zines.

The Zines activity, in particular, offered an avenue for artistic expression, where the boys had the opportunity to craft an 8-page mini magazine reflecting their thoughts and personal identity through collage, guided by a talented local artist.

Furthermore, the program offered students the chance to explore new passions through wellbeing electives. Over three sessions, they delved into activities of their choice, honing their skills and discovering new interests.

Each morning, groups dispersed across the Surf Coast to engage with various local community organizations and providers. Whether it was surfing, pottery, Jiu Jitsu, golf, trail biking, mountain biking, reading, landscape painting, or guitar, there was something for everyone to immerse themselves in.

Facilitated by past students, reflective sharing circles within house groups provided a safe space for authentic conversations, allowing the boys to share their experiences and contemplate the adults they aspire to become.

As we look ahead, we eagerly anticipate the reunion for First Horizon later this year, where we’ll come together once again to celebrate growth, connection, and the journey towards adulthood.

James Hilditch
Cultural Development Coordinator