Year 10 Awake Program

Last week the Year 10s travelled to the Bogong high plains for Awake. The program is designed to support the students to build deeper connections, reflect and learn new skills to help regulate their emotions and behaviours.

Awake marks a new phase in the Capstone program, as we approach the First Horizon we challenge the Year 10s to build a deeper connection to who they are and begin to consider who they want to become. This program focuses on developing new ways to tuning in to ourselves, building awareness, of our surroundings, our emotions, our needs and of things that might be holding us back. It’s about learning how to respond thoughtfully, rather than reacting to our emotions. 

After the long trip up into the high country, each house group set up a basecamp in the Alpine meadows near Mt Hotham and then choose their own individual campsites nearby, a quiet place in the mountains to consider the new experiences, to journal and to reflect.  

The 4-day wellness experience began with 3 options to explore the surrounding environment, the boys awoke under dense cloud and headed out on either a 10km trail run, a mindful walk or to hike to the summit of Mt Tabletop. As the students returned to their basecamps at lunchtime the sun broke through the clouds and dried out the alpine grassland in time for the well being sessions to begin in the afternoon.

The sessions were facilitated by a team of professionals with a range of different skills and experiences. The six sessions built on the themes of regulating emotions, self-awareness and reflection. The boys were guided through a variety of practises and taught some new skills they can use in their daily lives. The sessions included meditation, sound healing, breathing techniques, yoga, art therapy and journaling practises. By the end of the first afternoon I was impressed to see the way the Year 10s were really leaning in and engaging with these new experiences. At the end of each day our past students (+M facilitators) held a safe space for the Year 10’s to reflect on their experiences so far, on who they are now, and who they want to become. 

James Hilditch
Cultural Development Coordinator