Year 11 leadership on display

Recently our Year 11s joined together with Year 5 students to talk about leadership.

Probationary prefects Hugo Richey, Harry Pollock, Zach Travers and Lachie Roberts headed over to the Junior School to speak to the Year 5s about their leadership journey.

Once each had reflected on their long and busy journeys from the BGS Junior School through to their impending prefect roles, the Year 5s had the opportunity to ask questions.

The Year 5 boys asked thoughtful and insightful questions, and the Year 11 students responded in kind. Lachie Roberts reflected that the biggest challenge in leadership is to be authentic: “You don’t have to be loud to be a leader.” Hugo Richey informed the Year 5 boys that the leader he most looks up to is Essendon Vice-Captain and 2016 BGS School Captain Andy McGrath.

Zach Travers reflected on his opportunity to be Sports Monitor in the Junior School as a catalyst for him captaining Sandringham Dragons Football Club Under 16s, where he observed and modelled himself on the leadership behaviours of the older players.

Harry Pollock urged all Year 5 students to put themselves out there for leadership positions, reflecting on his time as Junior School Vice-Captain being nerve-racking but very important in his development.

All four probationary prefects said the best thing about Junior School leadership was the many opportunities to spend time with older students across the road. The Year 5 boys should be very proud of their questions, as they elicited high-quality responses from some high-quality young men who are certain to lead BGS well in 2024.

James Dann
Head of Student Leadership