Year 7 OE Program

Creating memories to last a lifetime.

Last week, our Year 7s embarked on an unforgettable adventure at their camp in Flinders. Despite the unpredictable weather, the boys embraced every moment with enthusiasm and resilience. 

Hiking around the peninsula, the boys enjoyed the stunning landscapes and immersed themselves in the beauty of nature. Despite a few blisters, the boys persevered, showcasing their determination and spirit as they navigated through both rain and sunshine.

Two nights under the stars in tents provided a wonderful opportunity for bonding and hanging out with friends. Cooking on trangias under the open sky, the boys learned how to cook and clean up for themselves – I think some dinners might have been yummier than others.

At the base camp at Golden Valley, the excitement continued with a range of thrilling and challenging team-based activities. From the adrenaline rush of the Big Swing and Ziplining to the strategic challenges of Stacking Milk Crate Towers and rock climbing, every moment was filled with adventure and excitement. But it was the Ga-ga ball and Human Foosball that quickly became the crowd favourites.

Throughout the week, it was heartwarming to witness the genuine smiles on the boys’ faces and the formation of new friendships, as well as the strengthening of existing bonds.

A special thanks to our dedicated mentors from OELPS and Old Boys, whose guidance and support added immense value to the experience. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to the Outdoor Education Department and their exceptional team for orchestrating such a well-rounded and enriching program.

We look forward to future adventures and opportunities for growth as we continue to nurture the spirit of exploration and camaraderie within our Year 7 cohort.

Kirsten Dunsby
Head of Year 7