Year 9 Environmental Service Program

Last week, 20 boys in Year 9 took part in the inaugural Environmental Melbourne Service Program.  Whilst aimed initially at educating the boys on sustainability as a whole, it evolved into something much more.  Armed with their new-found knowledge and a driving passion for change, the week concluded with the boys presenting their Environmental wisdom and suggestions to how BGS might become more sustainable to Headmaster Ross Featherston, Head of Crowther  Dr Ray Swann, Chief Operating Officer  Michael Arceri and ICT Director  Sandra Maher.  The boys were excited to discuss their suggestions with the Executive team and whilst a little nervous, relished at the opportunity of being part of a new chapter at BGS.  A newly founded Eco team was formed, and many of the suggestions that were made, may just eventuate in the not too distant future, so watch this space!  All in all, it was a fabulous week where I think it may be a first in that the teachers involved may have learnt just as much as the students!

Anna Ladas
Mathematics Teacher