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Year 2 boys during distance learning

A video montage of Year 2 boys during the phase of distance learning

Pastoral Care during Distance Learning

A parent webinar from Brighton Grammar’s SEcond

Distance Learning in action

Distance Learning includes a mix of live and pre-recorded videos which provides structure and repetition. Here’s an example of David Eggleston filming a MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) lesson.    Afterwards, it’s great to see an equally organised and focused Andreas (Year 2) watching and encoding his words. Well done!

Pastoral Care in Distance Learning

This extended break from school affords the chance for staff and students to spend extra time with their families, and learn differently. The shift to our homes to work and learn unearths daily ‘gold’ for us all and I encourage you to find it. Students are checking in with their tutors twice a day and […]