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Throughout the course of Term 2, the Unit 1/2 and 3/4 Drama students invested their time into creating, editing and refining three ensemble pieces. These were presented to the wider community and also assessed internally as a major SAC. The presentation evening brought laughs and entertainment, in conjunction with striving to educate the audience about […]

It is indeed a tale as old as time. The story of Belle and her Prince reminds us all to look at what lies beneath the exterior. Year 6 students from BGS and Firbank combined talents to produce a show chock-full of singing, dancing … and magic. The chorus was split into two groups – […]

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Will Feng (Year 12) has always been interested in art. He dabbled in oil painting outside school. Then, two things happened: he was inspired by a client of his father’s who is an industrial designer, and he went to the US and visited some design schools. RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design) in particular […]

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This term, Year 7 and 8 students have learnt how to make origami paper cranes.  The crane is the national bird of Japan and, as a symbol of longevity and good luck, it features in many Japanese myths. Students studied the story of Sadako Sasaki, who made paper cranes in her hospital bed in 1955. […]

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I believe there is so much value in our boys being exposed to and involved in the arts. The arts (particularly performing arts, such as music and drama) enable boys to explore and express emotions, feel a strong sense of connection to themselves and each other, be empathetic and caring, cast off inhibitions and stress, […]

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Barbara Zavros BGS vocal teacher

It is easy to forget the sort of extraordinary talent our staff bring to BGS.  One example is the highly acclaimed Barbara Zavros, our vocal teacher. Barbara’s introduction to the world of music was through playing the sax and singing in choirs while at primary school. Vocal lessons followed in her teens leading to ultimately […]

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