The iDesign Program delivered a buzz of excitement with an accompanied flying helicopter to present the iDesign Trophy for 2018. On Tuesday 9 October students from Year 8 were invited to submit their iDesign Project and to publicly speak to their peers in each Year 8 House. It was a wonderful and engaging opportunity for each student to share their design thinking process and the experiences they encountered having co-worked with their mentors on their individual project. This year demonstrated a high volume of innovative and uniquely designed projects that celebrated and acknowledged each student’s interest from innovation to creativity, entrepreneurship and sustainability. It was a highly valuable experience for each student to gain insight of the diverse number of projects and to share this with their fellow peers and House Tutors. The twelve finalists were selected, and invited to demonstrate and present their iDesign Projects to a panel of five judges on Thursday 11 October. The quality of work and enthusiasm demonstrated by the finalists during their Shark Tank-style presentation certainly amazed the judges. For 2018, the judge panel included: Dr. Rachel Horton, Christopher Ride from Interactive, David Norris from Qantas, Nick Watson from Asics including 2016’s iDesign winner Jaikob Akinci. 

Four staff members were also involved with the iDesign challenge and voted by Year 7 and 8 students online. On Tuesday 16 October, the Year 7 cohort visited the iDesign exhibition and voted for the Ewert Leaf People’s Choice Award. This event provided much insight into the thought process undertaken by the Year 8s and the diversity of ideas that celebrated their many talents and skills. The Year 7s gained inspiration interacting with the Year 8s taking away with them tips and ideas for their future iDesign project. On Wednesday 17 October, a public exhibition took place in the Urwin Centre, inviting visitors and parents to discuss with each student about their project and the many challenges faced.

To conclude iDesign Week, students were rewarded for their efforts and contribution in which a Prize Giving Ceremony presented the following results:

Highly Commended:


  • Jerry Chen – Magnetic Levitation Device –  Innovation
  • Jasper Findlay – Skateboard Backpack –  Entrepreneurship
  • Zac Landsman – Jeep Restoration –  Sustainability
  • Jamie Hope – Cookbook for Teenagers –  Creativity
  • Massimo Brasacchio – Basketball Painting –  Creativity
  • J Sum – Recycled Skateboard Ramp – Sustainability


  • Thomas Galinas – Violin Posture Support –  Innovation
  • Declan Bakker – Swiss Train Table – Creativity
  • Jack Kissane – School Bag Redesign –  Innovation
  • Chuck Tian – Scale Model of Urwin Centre –  Creativity
  • Cameron McIntyre – Lego Gallipoli –  Creativity
  • Sebastian Watters – Mobile Fitness Station –  Innovation
  • Max Morris – Magnetic Buttons – Innovation
  • Ryan Jackson – Dog Kennel –  Innovation


  • Josh Jarick – ‘Inovium’ Animated Signage – Entrepreneurship
  • Noah Hartman – Street Shoes Artwork – Creativity
  • Jevons Wang – 50 shades of Cooking – Creativity
  • Josh Foulds – Tech Hoodie –  Innovation
  • Jackson Pantelopoulos – Safety Vest –  Innovation
  • Finn Watson-Hook – Community Mini Skate Park –  Creativity


  • Jackson Court – Skateboard Guitar – Creativity
  • Samson Adams – Online Tutor Service –  Entrepreneurship
  • Marlo Hofmann – ‘Commooter’ Scooter –  Creativity
  • Oscar Lewis – Anti Magpie Swooper –  Creativity
  • Oscar Noble – Cithara Guitar Music Holder –  Innovation
  • Zach Bowen – Super Rush Game Engine –  Entrepreneurship


  • Isaac Lee – Anti Graffiti Device –  Innovation
  • Jackson McKenzie – BGS Cash Card Concept –  Innovation
  • Charlie Heaton – Computer and Website Design –  Entrepreneurship
  • Jorge Houridis – Elite Residential Concept –  Sustainability
  • Jonah Campigli – BGS Indigenous Footy Jumper –  Creativity
  • Charlie Morgan – Stair Climbing Kayak Trolley –  Innovation
  • Henry Williams – Motorised Go Kart –  Creativity


  • Max Linder – Pin Art Portrait – Creativity
  • Luca Spampinato – Pop Art Portrait – Creativity
  • Xavier Hendy – Laser Tag Project – Innovation
  • Jonathan Pascuzzi – Leather Shoes – Creativity
  • Jay Gibson – Upgraded Bedside Table – Creativity
  • Hugo Simpson – Square Basketball – Innovation

The Music Award – Thomas Galinas – Violin Players Orthopaedic Support and Jackson Court – Skateboard Guitar

The Wellbeing Award – Thomas Stretch – Minimising CF in – patient cross infection

The Maintenance Award – Isaac Lee – Anti – Graffiti Sensor

The Humanitarian Award – Zach Carr – Beehive and Max Morris – Magnetic Buttons

The Outdoor Education Award – Jake Tuim – Paddle Board Caddy and Noah Hunt – Fishing Trolley

The Pastoral Award – Luca Spampinato – Pop Art Portrait and Callum Couper – Cork Art Sculpture

The BGS Award – James Reid – BGS Crest Stained Glass Window

The Ewert Leaf People’s Choice Award

Winner – Jerry Chen – Magnetic levitating cup holder – Innovation

Runner up Lachie McCluskey – MoBike lawn mowing bicycle – Innovation


Tom Bailey – BGS Hub Native App– Entrepreneurship

Milo Lade – Forage Foods edible insects – Entrepreneurship

James Mitchell – Biometric Facial Recognition Kiosk – Innovation

Henry Pearson – Bayside Chips – Entrepreneurship

James McDougall – JAWZ shark detection system – Innovation

Michael Paltoglou – Terminal Espionage Movie – Creativity

Jordan Secatore – Sensory and Relaxation Mindfulness Pod – Creativity

Jarrad Thomson – ‘PiHome’ intelligent personal assistant – Innovation

Thomas Stretch – Minimising CF in – patient cross infection – Innovation

Sam Sweet – Electric Skateboard Sharing Service – Entrepreneurship 

Sengled Sustainability Award – Sam Sweet – Electric Skateboard Sharing Service

Clarke Hopkins Clarke Creativity Award –Michael Paltoglou – Terminal Espionage Movie

Asics Innovation Award –Thomas Stretch – Minimising CF in – patient cross infection

RMIT Activator Entrepreneurship Award –Henry Pearson – Bayside Chips

Quiksilver Award –James McDougall – JAWZ shark detection system

Interactive Award for Excellence –Milo Lade – Forage Foods edible insects

2018 iDesign Award – overall winner of iDesign 2018 –Jordan Secatore – Sensory and Relaxation Mindfulness Pod

All Year 8 students and staff are to be congratulated on partaking the iDesign challenge this year. The projects submitted were of exceptional quality and showcased the depth of knowledge and creative strengths of each Year 8 student. Thank you to the mentors and families that supported the boys throughout their iDesign journey. Without your continued support the iDesign process would not be able to reach such amazing heights. The stage is now set for another high calibre event in 2019.      

Jamie Watson
iDesign Coordinator