Academic Scholarships



Status: Closed
Opening date: 18 September 2020
Closing date:


9 October 2020 at 5.00pm 

Important information:

All applicants will be notified on whether they are successful or unsuccessful via mail.

Results will NOT be issued to applicants.

Only shortlisted boys will be contacted for interview.  

Edutest will provide specific instructions for the testing day after 13 October.

Are you eligible to apply?
Selection will be based on academic merit and will take into account:

  • Edutest test will take place on Saturday 17 October at 2020 at 9am.
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this testing will now take place online.


All scholarships are at the discretion of the Headmaster; academic scholarships cover a percentage of the tuition fees.  

Academic scholarships do not cover:

  • The cost of books, stationery or uniforms
  • Consolidated charge
  • Discretionary charges such as overseas trips.

Boys in Years 4 to 8 (2020) for entry in Years 6 to 10 in 2022.

Academic scholarship holders are expected to complete their education at BGS.

Special conditions
Academic scholarship holders are expected to:

  • maintain a high standard of academic achievement
  • contribute positively and enthusiastically to school life.

Progress and contribution to school life are reviewed annually. 

A scholarship may be withdrawn if the Headmaster is not satisfied with the diligence or conduct of the holder. Failure to pay fees may also lead to withdrawal.

The School reserves the right not to award any or all of the scholarships available.

No boy may hold more than one scholarship.