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Innovative Brighton grammar School Competition, iDesign Project

What is iDesign

Established in 2011 iDesign has become a flagship project of Year 8. Each boy, working under the guidance of a mentor of their choice, work on an individual project, also of their choice over a whole semester. 

The projects must fall under one of the following categories: sustainability innovation or creativity.

The overall objective of the project is for each student to learn new design and problem solving skills while undertaking a challenging project in an area he feels is relevant to his interests and passions. Designing and its application involves planning and organising production, and evaluating products in a ‘real’ context.

Contexts may relate to; for example, what we grow, eat, wear, build, make, our health and safety, and how we travel and spend our leisure time. The iDesign project draws on many elements we know work particularly well for boys – having choice, hands-on activity, working in collaboration with an adult mentor and competition, that is striving to be a finalist and win one of the many generous awards.

The depth of creativity and diversity along with the quality of the projects each year is quite extraordinary.  

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