Dramatic outbursts are encouraged!

Drama is a dynamic practice introducing our boys to a world of wonder, imagination and play.

Why drama for boys? 

The natural interests and learning style of boys is perfectly matched to the study of drama and theatre.

  • Boys are physical – Drama is active; you have to get up and move around.
  • Boys love a laugh – in Drama you learn how to make people laugh; how to move in slow motion, fast motion, adopt funny accents and use your body in ways to make people laugh.
  • Boys like to work in a team – Drama is all about peer trust, mutual respect.
  • Boys love a challenge – in Drama you need to think on your feet, improvise, learn to listen and negotiate. Drama invites the boys to challenge themselves individually, academically, culturally and socially.
  • Boys like feed-back – in Drama you learn to give and take feedback to enable growth and improvement in performance. ‘Did that work?’ is the basis of many discussions.
  • Boys like to ask why – Drama encourages the boys to question, explore and tease out issues of who we are, how to live, and what we think. It is an opportunity to reflect, testy and shape their values and beliefs.

In Drama there is no right or wrong, creative play is encouraged and mistakes are often a happy accident.

Drama – you can’t download the experience!

What’s on offer?

  • Prep to Year 8 – Drama is a core subject in the curriculum
  • In Year 9 & 10 Drama is an elective subject
  • VCE Drama – Units 1&2, and Units 3&4 are on offer
  • VCE Theatre Studies can be studied at Firbank Grammar School

2019 VCE Drama Solo performers

School productions

Each year Brighton Grammar collaborates with our sister school Firbank Grammar to host several school productions that are the talk of the town!

Casts tend to be large and are awarded by audition and with plenty of behind the scenes roles for students too! 

2019 Productions:

Senior Production: Anything Goes! 

Middle Years (7-9) Production: Mary Poppins JR

Past productions!