What is outdoor education?

Our Outdoor Education program includes a wide range of curriculum and cross-curriculum experiences that contribute to our boys’ holistic growth on their journey to becoming young men.

We encourage and challenge the boys to develop the following skills and attributes and set learning goals across the year levels.

Personal Skills:

– Positive mindset and strengths-focused approach

– Self-Management: Reminding the boys to be “Ready to Learn” in the outdoors.

– Choose your challenge: Encourage the boys to push beyond their comfort zone, challenge themselves and try new things.


Social Skills:

– Developing positive relationships: Meeting new peers and teachers; developing new and existing relationships in an environment beyond the traditional school context.

– Teamwork: Structure and defined roles.

– Student Leadership: This is an important part of the BGS way by offering the opportunity and agency to lead themselves wherever possible.

Environmental Awareness

– Leave No Trace principles

– Appreciation for natural environments

– Waste Management. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Outdoor Journeying Skills

– Trangia cooking

– Compass and map navigation

– Packing packs

– ‘Tarpology’

– Moving as a team

– Reading landscapes.

Your team

We have experienced adventurers in the specialist BGS Outdoor Ed teaching team who are supported by external experts and BGS teaching staff, depending on the nature of the outdoor experience. 

“You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to." - Bilbo Baggins

Brighton Grammar School Year 10 Boy on Rock Climbing Camp at Mt Arapiles

The climb

The Outdoor Ed program begins at Prep and continues to Year 12, with each year building on the skills learned and challenges faced the previous year.

Brighton grammar Year 10 Cross Country Skiing Mt Stirling 2015

I've been everywhere man

The core programs are at locations all over Victoria, with optional programs in other states.

Brighton grammar Year 6 Gippsland Lakes Camp Coolamatong

Prep – The first step entails one day of outdoor education activities and environmental awareness.

Year 1 – One longer special day immersed in a local forest or coastline with their peers.

Year 2 – Our first overnight experience with lots of activities located at the same venue as our Year 1 program to ease the boys into being away from home.

Year 3 – A two-night discovery experience in the Yarra Ranges with a focus on our native endangered animals.

Year 4 – A two night marine environments program based along the surf coast, with introductory adventure skills and indigenous learnings.

Year 5 – A three-night challenge program encompassing the first overnight camping experience under canvas and cooking as a community on portable camp stoves.  The program is based at Camp Howqua on the Howqua River near Lake Eildon.

Year 6 – A four-night leadership and follower-ship program, including two days and nights of bushwalking with packs and sleeping in tents and two days/nights at the base camp at Camp Coolamatong, Gippsland Lakes.  Expedition style hiking food is introduced.

Brighton Grammar School Year 8 Grampians Camp - Bike Riding

Year 7 – Students travel to Pt Leo on the Mornington Peninsula for a five day program that includes hiking and surfing and a two day walk where students camp overnight and are shown how to cook for themselves.

Year 8 – Students travel to Hattah-Kulkyne National Park in north-west Victoria for a six day program of hiking, cycling, water activities and cooking for themselves. This program promotes self-management and develops resilience.


Leading Boys School, Brighton Grammar's Year 9 King Island Hike 2015

Year 9 – Students embark on the Great South West Journey, a 12 day multi activity program that brings together the skills and attributes students have learned during previous Outdoor Education journeys. Students experience being part of a dynamic team, travel through different landscapes, contribute to a supportive community and build environmental awareness and appreciation.

Watch this short video from a past journey. 

More information on the Year 9 Capstone program page 

Year 10 – World Class Journeys

Boys are offered a choice of national and international journeys designed to showcase their competence in outdoor living through the best adventure activities in some of the worlds most sought after locations.

Options include:
• Australian backcountry skiing
• World Heritage hiking in the Northern Territory
• Cycling across NZ’s Southern Island
• Hiking the Kokoda Track
• Sea Kayaking the Fijian islands
• Hiking in Nepal

Options available for Silver Duke of Edinburgh programs 

More information on the Year 10 Capstone program page 

Brighton grammar Yr10 Sea Kayaking Gippsland lakes 2015

Year 11 – Students can take part in the Outdoor Education Leaders’ Program (OELP). They are nominated for the program while in Year 10, and once selected become mentors for Years 3-8 students, attending camp as a year level mentor. Students learn about leadership and mentoring, building relationships and encouraging others to consider natural environments.

Options for Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Program

Year 12 – Year 12s travel to Mt Hotham for the Big Fella school leaders’ program. Working in House Groups, students and staff hike across the Razorback trail to summit Mt Feathertop and then later discuss goals and expectations and the Legacy Project for the upcoming year.