B2M: Year 9/10 Program

Brighton Grammar’s new B2M program spans Years 9 and 10 – a vital time in the education of every boy.

The academic and co-curricular programs continue and are amplified – with increased options and opportunities. The senior years are looming and academic study becomes increasingly important. Within the co-curricula sphere, boys may be progressing into senior teams and bands and representing the School at the highest levels.

Running parallel to the academic and co-curricula programs is a new initiative, the 9/10 B2M program.

BGS archetypes

BGS boys understand there are many component parts of every boy and successful man. These component parts are represented within our student community as the ‘archetypes’ – the magician, sage, warrior and caregiver. More broadly, the terms ‘Creating, Learning, Playing, Being’ are recognised as strategic pillars that guide much of what we do at BGS. These pillars and archetypes can help explain 9/10 B2M – they can be found behind and within each of the components of the 9/10 B2M program.


Academic timeline 


In Year 9, the boys will have access to the following programs:
Details and the opportunity to submit preferences (for optional programs) will be distributed closer to the relevant program.

  • Great South West Journey

    The Great South West Journey has been specifically designed with BGS Year 9 boys in mind. In line with the School’s extensive Outdoor Education program, the 12-day journey will challenge the boys to perform as a team, while offering unique leadership opportunities.

    The journey includes a mixture of canoeing, mountain biking and bushwalking, to provide access to different forms of journeying in a range of environments. This ensures that the boys have a well-rounded experience, as some will excel in particular areas, and may find it tougher in others. While the whole group will be in the area at once, the boys will be in small groups, of between 10 and 15, for their journey. The Lower Glenelg, Discovery Bay and Cobbobonee National Parks together, are unrivalled as a venue for such an extended journey.

    The areas are naturally spectacular and offer a sense of remoteness, while still being relatively accessible. The Great South West can, at times, be quite diverse with its weather conditions. This will no doubt add to the challenge.

    The itinerary has been deliberately designed to provide a physical and mental challenge. It will be imperative that the boys quickly bond and work as a team over the long days. This will be achieved with the assistance of two experienced Group Leaders, who will travel with the group and provide structure and guidance when necessary, but step back to create space for the boys to step up and lead when the opportunity arises.

    Ultimately, the journey and experience will be owned and created by the boys. Additional specialist staff will travel with the groups during the canoe and mountain bike legs.

    These staff members will provide initial instruction, and then step back to let the group manage itself, while maintaining safety as a priority. It promises to be an amazing journey!

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

    See a slideshow of the Great South West Journey 2018

  • Connor's Run

    Connor’s Run is a charity fun run for the RCD Foundation. Connor was Robert Connor Dawes (RCD), a BGS student who died of a brain tumour aged 18 in 2014. Robert Connor Dawes attended Brighton Grammar from 2000 to 2012. Connor’s Run was first completed in 2013 and is now an established and vital part of the Brighton community.

    In Year 9 2020, all boys will either complete 9.6 or 18.8 kilometre runs or work in a support capacity, either in fundraising or event support. In preparation, the boys will spend time learning why Connor’s Run is significant, not only to the Brighton Grammar community but also to the wider community and the wider world. Boys will have the opportunity to train for the event as an athlete or learn as a volunteer to make a memorable contribution to their community and society. 

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

  • Choose Your Challenge Journeys

    The second Outdoor Education experience in the Year 9 B2M program for Year 9 boys is the ‘Choose Your Challenge’ suite of journeys. These journeys follow on from the Great South West Expedition and Service trips. 

    Held early in Term 4, these journeys extend the boys’ outdoor education skills learned from previous experiences, while offering the boys the opportunity to explore a mode of travel of their choice. 

    Offering options at this stage demonstrates to the boys that we are honouring their growth as young men, allowing them to experience a mode of travel new to our sequence (whitewater rafting / snow hiking).

    These programs prepare the boys for the Year 10 World Class journeys.

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

    Mt Stirling: Navigation + Winter Travel
    The Goulburn/Big River:  Whitewater Skills
    The Mitchell River: Hike + Raft
    The Murray River:  Canoe + Campcraft







  • Human Melbourne

    Human Melbourne (previously Urban Melbourne) is based at the ‘live-in’ program run by The Brotherhood of St Laurence at their premises in Fitzroy. A specially designed program for Brighton Grammar, this program offers a mix of activities over five days and four nights, covering a range of community issues. Boys are offered the opportunity to share time and experiences with those financially and socially disadvantaged who rely on The Brotherhood on a daily basis. The people range from the elderly to young primary school students from the local housing commission area.

    While much will be based in and around the city, local service is also vital and so our boys will also have the chance to spend some time with the residents at Bayley House in Brighton, all of whom have some intellectual disability. The boys may also complete an education session: either at The Big Issue, assisting at the Red Cross at their warehouse or making Trauma Teddies; or spending time with some local elderly people. All of these are positive possibilities with final details to be released closer to the program.

    Note – program cost: no cost.

    Further information (PDF)

  • Enviro Melbourne

    Melbourne – Enviro provides an opportunity for the students to make a significant contribution to the environment of their city. While some of the activities are theory-based, many are practical and active. Some of the organisations we’ll support reply on volunteers. We’ll make a positive impact on these volunteers, their work and the community

    Note – program cost: no cost.

    Further information (PDF)


  • We Design Melbourne

    Service comes in many forms. Creative thinking and innovation is a form of service. If you can think differently and help an organisation or an individual solve a problem, you are providing a significant service. During WeDesign, the students use human-centred design thinking to solve real problems for the city of Melbourne.

    Human-centred design is a creative approach to problem-solving. The process begins with the people we’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs. Human-centred design thinking is all about building a deep empathy with the people we’re designing for; generating tonnes of ideas; building a bunch of prototypes; sharing what we’ve made with the people we’re designing for; and, eventually, putting our innovative new solution out into the world.

    The students will be based in the heart of Melbourne. We’ll visit some social service organisations and hear about some of the challenges they face. (Some organisations are so busy delivering their service, they don’t have the capacity to think about more innovative ways to do it.) We’ll also consider some of the broader issues within Melbourne. Then we’ll identify some key issues and use human-centred design to seek to solve them, creatively.

    Note – program cost: no cost.

    Further information (PDF)

  • Tomorrow Man

    Throughout Year 10 the boys will experience the Tomorrow Man program. Tomorrow Man is a series of presentations and workshops that focus on social and emotional growth. Positive masculinity and the importance of choices and actively supporting one another through these years are just some of the powerful themes explored and developed during these sessions.

    Tom Harkin, an expert facilitator and workshop leader, is the author of the program. Tom has spent 20 years facilitating workshops and has recently developed the Tomorrow Man program, specifically for boys aged 15 to 16. Some of Tom’s brilliant work was captured on the ABC series Man Up in late 2016. Further information about Tom can be found here

    Note – core program: no additional cost.


As a School community we pride ourselves on the contributions we make by our service to others. B2M allows numerous opportunities for ‘Service’.

The opportunity for boys to indicate preferences will be completed in late Year 8.

Please note: for some Services programs, additional charges apply. It is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.

See below for the list of optional Service trips.

  • Artist in Residence @ Berendale School

    Berendale is a modern and innovative school that offers an alternative education for students with a mild to moderate intellectual disability. It is a Secondary Special School. Berendale is located in Hampton East and services students in the South Eastern suburbs.

    Brighton Grammar has stong links to Berendale, with our students together sharing the Sony Frankston Camp in December in each year.

    In 2019, the boys will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a significant work of art, under the guidance of an Artist in Residence. The artwork will be jointly constructed, by both Berendale and BGS students and will then remain for the students of Berendale to enjoy.

    BGS boys would have the opportunity to work alongside the Artist at Berendale for five days, Monday – Friday, returning to their own homes each evening.

    Details of the appointed artist and the probable project will be available in early 2019.

    Note – program cost: $500.

    Further information (PDF)

  • Indigenous Experience - Pormpuraaw

    The Cape York Experience is a journey across Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland, with an extended stay in an Indigenous community. The first stop is Cairns where the boys spend two days exploring the beautiful wet tropics before heading to the remote Indigenous community of Pormpuraaw.

    From Cairns the boys head north along the famous Bloomfield track, visiting Cooya Beach for a mangrove tour, Wonga Beach, the Daintree Discovery Centre, Cape Tribulation, and then stay overnight in the Indigenous community of Wujal Wujal (Bloomfield). Heading west into the dry rocky interior, the boys explore some amazing Indigenous rock art sites and spend a night camping at the Jowalbinna Rock Art Safari Camp. From Jowalbinna, it’s westward across the cape to the remote Indigenous community, which is situated on the Gulf of Carpentaria.

    The boys spend a week living in the community, visiting the school and working with the Indigenous children. There are many opportunities to immerse themselves into Indigenous culture, experience first-hand contemporary community lifestyles, go fishing, see crocs, and possibly go camping with Indigenous elders.   

    Due to the remote location of the camp and inaccessibility of medical facilities, it is strongly recommended that students with serious medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, epilepsy, diabetes or other do not attend this journey. 

    Note – program cost: $3,100

    Further information (PDF)

  • Tiwi Islands Experience

    The Tiwi Islands Experience is an indigenous community experience based out of Milikapiti in the Northern Territory. The first stop is Darwin where the boys explore the beautiful territory before heading to the remote Indigenous community of Milikapiti.

    The boys spend a week living in the community, visiting the school and working with the Indigenous children. There are many opportunities to immerse themselves in Indigenous culture, experience first-hand contemporary community lifestyles, go fishing, see crocs, and possibly go camping with Indigenous elders.   

    Due to the remote location of the camp and inaccessibility of medical facilities, it is strongly recommended that students with serious medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, epilepsy, diabetes or other do not attend this journey. 

    Note – program cost: $3,100

  • Marine Biology

    The Great Barrier Reef is one of the living wonders of the world… and it is suffering. The boys will have the opportunity to learn more about the plight of the Reef, and how they might be able to positively lead the change to help the Reef in the future.

    What better way to learn about the Reef than by getting out and seeing it? This program will be based out of Port Douglas. A marine biologist will be with the boys throughout the week. They’ll spend time snorkelling and swimming, but also time in discussion and reflection on the current and future state of the Reef.

    Each day will involve education sessions, then snorkelling, where the boys will undertake underwater learning tasks and observations involving fish, coral, turtles and other life sustained by the Reef.

    Accommodation will be comfortable, and all meals, transport, equipment and specialist tutoring is included.

    Please note, boys must have successfully completed the BGS swim test, and be competent and capable swimmers if they intend to select this program.

    Note – program cost: $3,300

    Further information (PDF)

  • Papua New Guinea

    Click here to see the 2017 trip to Papua New Guinea

    A  popular option over the past five years has been the visit to the Martyrs Memorial School in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Brighton Grammar has had a relationship with Martyrs Memorial School since 1963.

    The Martyrs Memorial School is in Popondetta, a remote community of PNG. Approximately 600 children attend the school and all staff and children live on site. The facilities are very basic and money is tight – if, in November the money runs out, then the school closes for the year and everyone goes home.

    Each group of BGS boys who take this opportunity are assigned a major project to enhance the infrastructure of the school. Projects in recent years have included  building stairs and store rooms, painting, and installing a computer network. Not only is this an outstanding opportunity for our boys to learn some carpentry skills and how to work hard to complete a task in very hot and humid conditions, but it also gives them first-hand exposure to the poverty other communities live in and the difference they themselves can make.

    Upon their return home, boys from previous trips have always expressed how satisfying it was to have done the work and they seemed very moved and humbled by the gratitude of the local people – not to mention how impressed they are by their kindness, humour, athleticism and generosity.

    However, the trip is not all about hard work. Each group is greeted with a thrilling welcome by body painted dancers followed by an afternoon tea and dinner provided by the School. The boys also play sport together with the local children, explore the jungle, swim, and take expeditions to various Australian war sites.

    Note: Due to the remote location of the camp and inaccessibility of medical facilities, it is strongly recommended that students with serious medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, epilepsy, diabetes or other do not attend this journey. All immunisations must be up to date for boys to travel to PNG.

    Note – program cost: $3,300

    Further information (PDF)

  • South East Asia

    Whether it’s about finding perspective, overcoming obstacles or gaining confidence, travelling through South East Asia on a program with World Youth Adventures builds the life skills young people need to live a life of courage, kindness and adventure.

    Out trip to Borneo has us starting in Sabah which offers the ideal base for exploration of indigenous cultures, jungles, forests and an array of wildlife. Our adventure begins with activity based adventures including a snorkeling safari and white water rafting before we join a marine conservation service program and beach clean up. We then ascend high above the jungle canopy on a guided canopy walk gaining a greater understanding of this fragile environment. We then drive across the island to Sepilok Jungle where we then turn our attention to conducting
    environmental service by spending a day at the Sepilok Forest Reserve and the Borneo Sunbear Conservation Centre where we work alongside the carers and vets to lend a hand to support the important conservation work these organisations provide. We finish with a journey down the Kinabatangan River to continue our service program and meet the local indigenous communities living in the longhouses of the region. Our days will be spent traveling by boat up the longest river in Sabah and one of the best places in South East Asia to see wildlife in
    it’s natural habitat. We finish our service programs with a tree planting project.

    Due to the remote location of the camp and inaccessibility of medical facilities, it is strongly recommended that students with serious medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, epilepsy, diabetes or other do not attend this journey. All immunisations must be up to date for boys to travel to Borneo.

    Note – program cost approx. $4,700 approx. 

    Further information (PDF)

How to book your programs

Families will be sent more details about how to select preferences for the B2M optional trips. This is for Year 10 boys in relation to World Class journeys and for Year 9 in relation to Service journeys. Please note, for a number of these journeys, special conditions and additional charges apply.


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