Year 9 Capstone Program

Brighton Grammar’s Capstone program spans Years 9 and 10 – a vital time in the education of every boy.

The academic and co-curricular programs continue and are amplified – with increased options and opportunities. The senior years are looming and academic study becomes increasingly important. Within the co-curricular sphere, boys may be progressing into senior teams and bands and representing the School at the highest levels.

The Year 9 Capstone program runs parallel to other academic and co-curricular programs.

In Year 9, the boys will have access to the following programs:
Details and the opportunity to submit preferences (for optional programs) will be distributed closer to the relevant program.

  • Threshold


    What: The Year 9 Threshold Program is the narrative that underpins the program and links the new experiences to the boys’ human development. The program is facilitated by our own past students and encourages the boys to share openly and a vulnerably.

    The workshops will explore what it means to be a man today and provides a safe space for the boys to discuss their experiences and consolidate their understanding. Through stories and activities, the +M facilitators encourage the Year 9’s to consider the man they want to become as they chart their own path towards adult hood.

    When: Term 1 and 3

    Indicative Workshop Schedule:

    Workshop 1: 21st Century +M

    Term 1

    • Consolidating Awareness
    • Connected, Motivated, Authentic
    • What really matters?
    • The Mask

    Workshop 2: What Maketh The Man

    Term 3

    • Who am I
    • ID strengths
    • Becoming
    • Preparing for Challenge – link GSWJ
  • Breakthrough Workshops

    Building Connections to others

    What: Celebrating the stories and perspectives of others.

    Designed to ‘Break Through’ the bubble, this series of workshops introduces the boys to other ways of being and knowing.

    In house groups the boys will build meaningful connections to the guests through story sharing and connection activities. Facilitated by our past students the experiences allow the Year 9s to examine their own understanding of the world and develop empathy and compassion for others.

    When: Term 1

    Indicative Workshop Schedule

    1.Trauma Informed Care Principles

    2. First Nations Perspective – Cultural Awareness Workshop

    • Guests: Point and be Proud
    • Story sharing
    • Q & A

    3. Gender and Sexuality – Understanding the Identity Workshop

    • Guests: Pride Cup, Minus18
    • Inclusion Training
    • Connection Activities
    • Story sharing 
    • Q & A
    • Cooking 

    4. Culture, Religion and Society – Finding common ground: Human Connection Workshop

    • Guests: ASRC
    • Story sharing
    • Connection Activities
  • Breakthrough Journeys

    Building Connections to Community

    What:  As the boys move through the Capstone program they develop a deeper understanding of who they are now and who they want to become.

    Year 9 Breakthrough Victoria is an experience that builds connections to other ways of being.

    Building new connections with different people through stories and shared experiences. The new and meaningful relationships developed contribute to the boys view of the world. Through relevant and authentic, immersive experiences the boys develop a sense purpose, passion and are encouraged to become more active and engaged citizens

    When: Term 2

  • Connor's Run

    Connor’s Run is a charity fun run for the RCD Foundation. Connor was Robert Connor Dawes (RCD), a BGS student who died of a brain tumour aged 18 in 2014. Robert Connor Dawes attended Brighton Grammar from 2000 to 2012. Connor’s Run was first completed in 2013 and is now an established and vital part of the Brighton community.

    In Year 9, all boys will either complete 9.6 or 18.8 kilometre runs or work in a support capacity, either in fundraising or event support. In preparation, the boys will spend time learning why Connor’s Run is significant, not only to the Brighton Grammar community but also to the wider community and the wider world. Boys will have the opportunity to train for the event as an athlete or learn as a volunteer to make a memorable contribution to their community and society. 

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

  • Great South West Journey

    The Great South West Journey has been specifically designed with BGS Year 9 boys in mind. In line with the School’s extensive Outdoor Education program, the 12-day journey will challenge the boys to perform as a team, while offering unique leadership opportunities.

    The journey includes a mixture of canoeing, mountain biking and bushwalking, to provide access to different forms of journeying in a range of environments. This ensures that the boys have a well-rounded experience, as some will excel in particular areas, and may find it tougher in others. While the whole group will be in the area at once, the boys will be in small groups, of between 10 and 15, for their journey. The Lower Glenelg, Discovery Bay and Cobbobonee National Parks together, are unrivalled as a venue for such an extended journey.

    The areas are naturally spectacular and offer a sense of remoteness, while still being relatively accessible. The Great South West can, at times, be quite diverse with its weather conditions. This will no doubt add to the challenge.

    The itinerary has been deliberately designed to provide a physical and mental challenge. It will be imperative that the boys quickly bond and work as a team over the long days. This will be achieved with the assistance of two experienced Group Leaders, who will travel with the group and provide structure and guidance when necessary, but step back to create space for the boys to step up and lead when the opportunity arises.

    Ultimately, the journey and experience will be owned and created by the boys. Additional specialist staff will travel with the groups during the canoe and mountain bike legs.

    These staff members will provide initial instruction, and then step back to let the group manage itself, while maintaining safety as a priority. It promises to be an amazing journey!

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

How to book your programs

Families will be sent more information about how to select preferences for the Breakthrough Journeys. Please note, for a number of these journeys, special conditions and additional charges apply.


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