Leading Boys Private School in melbourne, Brighton Grammar, Director of ELC, Amelia Barrow with ELC Boys Early Learning Centre

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out!

Amelia Barrow, Head of ELC

The most important message ELC Director, Amelia Barrow, has for the parents of boys in the ELC is ‘Don’t worry, you won’t miss out!’ 

Amelia knows that it’s hard to get little boys to talk about their day, so we give the parents visual and written updates about milestones reached, topics explored and activities enjoyed.

And, we’ll also give you the right questions to ask your son to get him to tell you all about it himself!

My son just loves his teacher

Teacher reads to Brighton grammar ELC boys

If you ask the mums and dads what is the best thing about the ELC at BGS, 9/10 will tell you it’s the staff. The staff in our ELC are special.  They are imaginative, energetic, passionate, patient and caring.  

We enjoy a strong track record of having basically the same fabulous team in place for a number of years meaning you can feel confident we really will know your little boy and his individual learning needs and personality traits.

Learning in the early years, especially for boys, is all about feeling safe, valued and known.

Boys need space to run, explore and play games

The BGS ELC was designed with extra large classroom and playground space to accommodate the very physical learning programs – there’s lots of moving, doing and touching to stimulate brain activity.

The ELC boys also enjoy special activities in other facilities around the School – sports ovals, the halls, libraries and specialist learning spaces.

Everything you’d expect – and lots more!

Brighton grammar boys enjoy the Buddy system on an excursion

Each week, as well as regular classroom activities your son will enjoy specialist classes of music, physical education, art and library. On top of that, because the ELC is an important part of the bigger school, the boys enjoy a raft of other special activities.

Each boy from the ELC has a ‘buddy’ from either Year 5 or 6 with whom they share a weekly session of work and play.

The boys also take excursions around the school to visit the animals in the science lab, to see the Headmaster and big boys, to watch theatrical rehearsals, enjoy music concerts and simply get to know their way around.

On special occasions, like the annual ELC ‘Footy Day,’ boys from the 1st Football team visit the ELC to coach the little boys. This interaction with ‘big boys’ is a benefit unique to an ELC such as ours.

Structure and routine gives boys freedom

A happy Brighton grammar ELC Student

We know boys love rules and boundaries as it provides them with a sense of security.

The daily routine in the ELC helps each boy know what’s coming up next whether it’s outside play, lunch or rest time and what is expected of him.  When boys know what is expected they can prepare their behaviour appropriately.

You will be amazed at how independent your little boy will become in our ELC.  

Boys’ play

Brighton grammar boys play dress ups

Boys in the ELC learn through play. But that doesn’t mean the boys just do whatever they want or are simply sent outside to play!

Staff plan amazing inside and outside structured play activities to create opportunity for fun while at the same time provide a context in which to practise social skills and an outlet for emotional expression.

Play encourages the boys to think creatively to find solutions to problems and conflict resolution – giving them confidence. Long periods of uninterrupted play can build boys’ concentration and responsibility for their own learning.

2017 Programs

The ELC caters for boys aged three to five, during school term time

Program Attendance (Option B) Program hours
3 Year Old 5 days per week 3 Days per week 9.00am to 2.30pm
4 Year Old 5 days per week only   8.45am to 2.45pm

Before School Care begins at 7.30am and After School Care is offered until 6pm each day. Parents are able to use the Before and After School Care facilities as the need arises.

2018 Programs

From mid- January 2018, there will be new flexible ELC long-day and holiday-care options in the ELC.

To learn more about the exciting changes in the ELC please click here.