Street Art

Year 6 boys have been studying Subway Art and Street Art as part of the Year 6 Art Program.

They have worked with Ashley Goudie, a renowned local graffiti artist, who gave the boys a history lesson on the origins of Subway Art from the New York train tracks to Melbourne in the 70s to today.

The boys learned how this original style of graffiti-subway or lettering art has developed to include Street Art (images), Paste Ups, 3D Sculptural Art, Stencil Art and Sticker Bombing.


The result is a mural on the 22 metre long wall alongside the Junior School Art room, overlooking the Junior School playground.

Ashley has managed to capture the varied activities and learning values found in our school, particularly in the Junior School. The wall features 10 icons, depicting Sport, Art, Science, Outdoor Education, Mindfulness, Music, Performing Arts, Academics and the strategy game of Chess.


The background of the mural is a mix of complementary symbols for each image with focus words, taking the viewer on a story journey as they pass each image.

Thank you to Ashley Goudie for the amazing mural. It has been well received by staff and students and Ashley will continue to work with our Year 6 boys.

Mandy Foulds
JS Art Teacher