Brighton Grammar brass players at 'A celebration of music' concert at the World-Class Melbourne Recital Centre Co-Curricular

BGS provides a broad range of additional activities for the boys to pursue. Sport, debating and public speaking are undertaken by all Years 7 & 8 boys, while a host of other activities are encouraged.

Boys are also strongly encouraged to be involved in activities with Firbank Grammar girls such as Chess, Book Club, Drama and Philosophy Colloquiums.


Participation in the APS interschool sports competition during the Summer and Winter seasons is compulsory. Boys choose one sport per season from the following options:

Summer: Badminton, Cricket, Diving, Sailing*, Swimming, Tennis and Touch Football.
*Sailing is available to highly experienced sailors

Winter:  Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rugby and Soccer.

In Spring (mid-August to mid-October), participation in school sport is not compulsory although actively encouraged. Options for Spring are Athletics and Water Polo. The House Athletics Sports are held during Term 3 and is the only compulsory event in Spring. Boys who are keen on skiing are encouraged to join our Snow Sports team to compete at Mt Buller in August.

There are a number of teams available in each of these sports to cater for individual sporting abilities within the year group. As a general rule, boys can expect to be involved in school sport every Saturday morning throughout Terms 1 and 2, and up until the end of July in Term 3. There is no school sport on long weekends during these terms and the vast majority of school sport is completed by lunchtime on Saturday. Summer sport resumes in October. During Term 1, training is held on a morning before school from 8.00am (except Diving & Sailing). This day for 2018 will be communicated to parents before the end of the year.

Winter training nights for Year 7 boys are usually either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and the frequency of training nights will vary between once or twice a week, depending on the level of the team and facilities available. Training is usually completed by 5.15pm. When training is off-campus, buses will be provided to transport boys to and from the training venue. For the Saturday competition, buses are provided only to Geelong Grammar, Geelong College and Haileybury Berwick. Otherwise it is expected parents will transport their sons to Saturday sport. Participation in parent support groups is also encouraged.

Weekly sports information, including team selection and fixtures, can be accessed via the BGS School Stream app.



Classroom Music is studied by all boys and aims to develop a passion for and appreciation of music. This program is suitable for boys of all musical abilities and will be timetabled as part of your son’s curriculum in 2018. The course promotes the exploration of music as an art form through listening, composing, analysis and performing.

Alongside the Classroom Music program, all students are invited to be involved in the School’s ‘Beginner Instrumental Program’ (BIP). This program complements the classroom experience and allows boys the opportunity to specialise in learning a band and/or orchestral instrument. Only boys with previous experience on a selected instrument may undertake the BIP.

Beginner Instrumental Program (BIP)

Learning an instrument through the BIP is offered to all boys in Year 7 at no additional cost to parents. BIP students will also participate in a large ensemble to give performance experience. Ensemble rehearsals are held on Thursdays until 4:50pm and include boys who are deemed capable of ensemble performances by Music staff (usually by mid-way through Term 2). This year-long program is for beginners only who will have the option to progress to private tuition in Year 8.

Semester 1: Students are offered 12 x 30minute small group tuitions for a band or orchestral instrument from the selection of instruments on offer.
Semester 2: Students will be offered 14 x 30minute individual lessons on their band or orchestral instrument (same as Semester 1).
Band and orchestral instruments available as part of the BIP include:
Woodwind: flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet
Brass: trumpet, French horn; trombone; euphonium, baritone, tuba
Strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass
Notes: *Instrument allocation is limited and not all first preferences can be guaranteed.
*Guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion are not offered as part of the BIP. If students wish to learn these instruments, they will need to enrol in private music lessons, also available at BGS.


A limited number of Music Bursaries are on offer to all Year 7 students in 2018. The Bursary covers all private Music tuition and levies for your son while he is in Year 7-10. Bursaries are offered for specialised instruments and will vary from year to year.

Students who apply for a bursary will be required to undertake music aptitude testing and an interview conducted by the Music Department. If you are interested in applying for a Bursary, please contact our Director of Music, Mr Jamie Ransome, at

The instruments on offer in the Bursary program for 2018 are: violin, viola, double bass, oboe, French horn, trombone, euphonium & tuba.  

Private tuition

Students experienced in an instrument, or those who wish to learn an instrument not on the list, are encouraged to enrol in private instrumental lessons. Application forms are available from the Music Department via




All Year 7 boys study drama as part of the curriculum. In addition to this, boys are encouraged to become involved in the annual School production. Students in Years 7 and 8 work in conjunction with our sister school, Firbank Grammar, to produce a middle years production that aims to involve as many students as possible.

Boys involved as cast members develop self-confidence, group cooperation, problem solving and social skills. Boys who do not want to act can become members of the production crew and learn about set construction, lighting, sound, props, costumes and make up. These stagecraft areas allow students to develop responsibility over an area, group cooperation, initiative and the understanding of the application of theatre technologies to a creative enterprise.

Debating and Public Speaking

The Middle Years House Debating program offers every boy the opportunity to participate in House Debates as a Speaker, Chairman or Timer. The House Debating program usually runs over two weeks and is conducted after all boys in Year 7 have been provided with formal training in debating procedures and techniques.

Boys also have the opportunity to take part in our Interschool Debating program with Firbank Grammar, once a term.

The Debaters’ Association of Victoria (DAV) runs a Junior Secondary Program which begins in Term 3. Keen debaters are encouraged to nominate for a place in our teams. The DAV Junior Secondary Program is held after school and involves travelling.

All Year 7 boys are provided training in Public Speaking and are able to take part in various public speaking competitions including DAV, Rostrum Voice of Youth and Legacy, as well as our School Public Speaking Program.

Year 7 Outdoor Education Program

The Year 7 Outdoor Education Program is held during the first few weeks of Term 1.

During the program, boys will be involved in a variety of activities including overnight camping, challenging bush walking, camp cooking, raft construction and various beach activities.

A surf safety skills session, team building and problem solving activities and community living will also be undertaken.

The program is about developing a sense of belonging and forging relationships with peers and staff, in turn setting a platform for a positive and productive year ahead.

Combined Activities with Firbank

At BGS we know boys have unique learning needs, and recognise part of a rounded education is the ability to work collaboratively and build social connections with girls.

One of the special components of the BGS Year 7 program is the experience of combined days and events with Year 7 Firbank girls. The program includes academic experiences and social events planned and supervised by staff from both schools.

Book Club

Our Librarian organises a Book Club with Firbank Grammar. Members meet each term to discuss the novel they have read. Meetings alternate between the schools and often run at capacity.

Philosophy Colloquium

A Philosophy Colloquium is held three times a year as part of the Middle Years Extension Studies Program. The Colloquium is an important part of academic enrichment for students and is aimed to enhance the development of metacognitive skills.

Each Philosophy Colloquium creates a forum in which students can discover, analyse and discuss key philosophical questions, building on the knowledge they have gained in Philosophy classes.

The kinds of subjects considered in the Colloquium may range from abstract conceptual questions – such as, ‘What is Truth?’ or ‘How Do We Know?’ – to questions about the philosophy underpinning the development of individual human rights laws, as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.