Winter Sleep Out

Last Friday BGS boys across all year levels embraced the challenges of sleeping in 8-degree Melbourne winter armed with only a sleeping bag, pillow and cardboard box.

The event aimed to raise awareness for the experiences faced by the homeless in Melbourne, a crisis that negatively impacts the lives of so many and one that throughout the month of August, the school has been seeking to support through the raising of funds as part of the winter appeal.

This sleep out gave boys an opportunity to empathise with the kind of experiences that may seem alien to us but are commonplace for those who have to tackle Melbourne’s harsh winter nights without shelter on a regular basis.

As well as sleeping outside in the Quad, Friday night also included a viewing session of the Australian film, Lion which offers a deep insight into the hardships of homelessness. 


Following the film, sleep out volunteers had the opportunity to discuss what we had seen, reflecting through group discussion in which everyone had the opportunity to share what they had learned about the homeless crisis and how the film impacted them before setting up our makeshift beds outside.

Although the sleep out is completed, for the rest of August there is still the opportunity to donate to The Good Box Foundation. This non-for-profit organisation directs all funds towards supplying essential items to the homeless. 

Donations are still welcome and it’s encouraged that everyone spares even a small donation to this great cause.

Harry Penwright
Year 12