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The inaugural Year 10 First Horizon Program marks the transition of our boys into emerging young men. It is a celebration for our community that honours the boys’ achievements and encourages them to create their own unique vision for their future. Our Year 10 families met under the oak tree to see off the 85 […]

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May 1st, 2019 by Arthur Le

In 2017, Brighton Grammar signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education, a global leader in teaching and education research. The purpose of this MoU was to ensure that, through the Crowther, the BGS community would continue to have access to the latest and best thinking in education, as […]

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On Friday night, we experienced the Year 4 Young Warriors program on the Crowther Oval. This 16-hour experience proved to be one of this year’s highlights for me and many of the boys. What a great way to finish off a fantastic year. The boys were excited and we had almost every boy present with […]

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Raising happy, healthy and resilient children is challenging for families. Like never before, parents need to be informed with clear, fact-based information on the many difficulties faced by young people. BGS is currently trialling a new resource,  SchoolTV. There is a separate platform for Junior School and Secondary School, giving parents access to information that […]

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Boys’ relationships with teachers are key to their education. When boys have good relationships with their teachers, they are more likely to feel positive about school, enjoy their years there and make the most of the opportunities available. Education researcher Professor John Hattie (2003) found that students personally account for 50% of the variance in […]

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Last week, 35 Year 10 boys and their fathers/male mentors were at the inaugural BGS Year 10 ‘Making of Men’ camp with Arne Rubinstein. For a flavour of the four-day camp, which took place in the Byron Bay hinterland, click here. We asked some participants for their thoughts on the camp. Dr Ray Swann (teacher): […]

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This piece by reporter Melissa Heagney appeared in the magazine on (DATE): Adolescent boys growing up in today’s world face many challenges. Stress from study, worries over friendships and concerns about their future can all take their toll. It’s something Brighton Grammar School’s Ray Swann knows well. As head of the senior, all-boys ELC–VCE school, […]

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Throughout the year, all of the Middle School boys participate in PROSPER classes. The goal is to explore a range of themes that boys can employ to promote personal growth and wellbeing, and allow them to flourish. All of the concepts introduced are grounded in evidence-based research, so we know they can have impact for […]

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Aussie Rules legend Wayne Schwass played 282 games at the elite level over more than 14 years. For more than 200 of those games and 10 years, he was suffering – silently – from depression and anxiety. He would find himself overcome by overwhelming sadness for no apparent reason, or crying in the car when […]

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Year 7 boys on the Middle school stairs in casual conversation

Friendships are a central part of our daily lives and I am always delighted to observe the connections that form as boys progress through the Middle School together. These associations may be the result of common interests or classes held together; sometimes one student introduces his friends and they hit it off, or friendships are […]

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