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Throughout the year, all of the Middle School boys participate in PROSPER classes. The goal is to explore a range of themes that boys can employ to promote personal growth and wellbeing, and allow them to flourish. All of the concepts introduced are grounded in evidence-based research, so we know they can have impact for […]

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Aussie Rules legend Wayne Schwass played 282 games at the elite level over more than 14 years. For more than 200 of those games and 10 years, he was suffering – silently – from depression and anxiety. He would find himself overcome by overwhelming sadness for no apparent reason, or crying in the car when […]

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Year 7 boys on the Middle school stairs in casual conversation

Friendships are a central part of our daily lives and I am always delighted to observe the connections that form as boys progress through the Middle School together. These associations may be the result of common interests or classes held together; sometimes one student introduces his friends and they hit it off, or friendships are […]

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Last week, two reports were released that underline the importance and seriousness of mental health for young people today. Mission Australia and the Black Dog Institute released their Youth Survey (2012-2016) Report and the OECD released its 2015 PISA Report, which contains findings on wellbeing. The Mission Australia/Black Dog Institute report contains the most telling […]

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Language teaching is as much about introducing students to different cultures as it is about learning the language itself. The more engaged students are with realistic and meaningful activities in the targeted language, the better they understand it. To give students an authentic and age-appropriate understanding of Chinese culture, we invited a professional martial arts […]

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The buddy program (based on the Better Buddies program) is an integral part of the Junior School Student Wellbeing program, reinforcing the friendly and caring environment and culture that is inherent at BGS. In the program, older boys are paired with younger boys from ELC 3 to Year 6 (with the exception of the Year […]

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BGS wellbeing centre in Australian Design review

ClarkeHopkinsClarke has designed a Wellbeing Centre to help young boys develop emotional intelligence and positive masculinity. In speaking to Ross Featherston, the headmaster of Brighton Grammar School, ADR discovers the role of design in promoting wellbeing in the school’s newly-opened Wellbeing Centre. The concept Funded through the generosity of donors, Brighton Grammar has officially opened […]

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We were honoured to have The Hon. Jeff Kennett AC (former Premier and founding Chairman of beyondblue) officially open the BGS Wellbeing centre last night. Jeff congratulated the Headmaster on this important initiative but also reminded those in attendance that the number one responsibility for the mental health of young people lies with parents.

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Schools have an advantageous opportunity to help shape boys’ values and standards of behaviour. Particularly at Senior School level, boys are at a developmental age when they are establishing their independence and exploring identity. This is an ideal time for schools to educate, foster critical thinking and encourage self-reflection in adolescent boys in a meaningful […]

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Illustration of Boy bungy jumping

While life presents many opportunities for achievement, success and happiness, the reality is that occasionally we face disappointment. It might be a poor result on a test or report, missing out on getting into a sporting team or even a negative social interaction. You may even be a Richmond supporter like me and be confronted with […]