Junior School

Boys learn teachers, not subjects

'You can be the best mathematics, physical education or art teacher, but if you don’t understand boys, you will not be an effective teacher.'
Peter Tellefson, Head of Junior School

Boy-friendly curriculum

A distinguishing factor about the Junior School at BGS is the way the curriculum is designed and delivered to be boy friendly. We know boys, especially young boys, are generally visual, spatial and kinaesthetic learners. 

They like to ask the big question ‘why’, they love hands-on activities, competition and lots of variety in the learning program.  


Where it all begins

The BGS Junior School Experience

From the ELC through to Year 6, boys will undertake a journey spanning milestones and achievements leading them to become the best young men they can be. 

So much more than the 3Rs!

As well as all the things you would expect the boys to cover, the learning program is enhanced with specialist programs taught by specialist teachers including: 

Science, Design and Technology, Art, Sport, Outdoor Education, Japanese (P-2), French (3-4), Chinese (5-6), Excursions and study tours, Enrichment program (robotics, coding and debating), Music including a Strings and Concert Band instrumental program, choral sessions and theory.

Learning Support, Enrichment and EAL (English as an Additional Language) programs are available to cater to individual student needs.

More than anything, boys need to feel like they belong

When we ask parents what they are looking for in their son’s school, most people say they want their son to be in a safe and nurturing environment. We share this view. For a boy to thrive, to fully reach his potential, he must be happy and feel a sense of connectedness.

Everything we do in the Junior School supports this belief. Each boy is supported by his classmates, classroom teacher, Year Level Co-ordinator, specialist teachers and the school counsellor, who work together to ensure each boy finds his place in our school. 

Every student also belongs to a House and throughout the year is involved in a range of competitions – athletics, cross-country, swimming, poetry, maths, spelling, trivia and music.

Breathing life into wellbeing

Wellbeing practice and language are an important part of the culture of the Junior School.  Why? 

Through activities like mindfulness, boys learn to regulate their emotions, regulate their ability to concentrate and focus and have a greater awareness of their feelings and to be able to express them comfortably.

Our wellbeing journey began in 2014 when all JS staff undertook training in mindfulness and other aspects wellbeing in readiness for implementation in 2015. 

Each day we have a 10 minute mindfulness meditation after recess, which has proven to be transformative.  Not only have boys used this time to refocus and reflect, it has given them the skills they can draw on in other stressful and tiring situations to also refresh, refocus and move on in a positive way.

Boys and Space

As any parent of a boy knows, boys need space to run, play and grow.

The BGS Junior School is a spacious and attractive campus with ample room for all sorts of physical and leisure activities. Boys have ready access to tennis courts, playing fields, a sensory garden area, and three adventure playgrounds.

During PE time they also use the gym and swimming pool.

Connecting with the Community

Through active involvement in a number of community service activities boys learn they are part of the wider Melbourne and global community.

Flagship projects involve a range of boy initiated fundraising activities for the Baraka School in Kenya, a school we have supported for many years, as well as involvement in the annual Relay for Life event raising money for cancer research.