An experiential learning program is transforming Years 9 and 10: B2M.

Brighton Grammar's B2M program spans Years 9 and 10 – a vital time in the education of every boy.

Throughout Years 9 and 10, there exists a series of dynamic, engaging, diverse opportunities to help boys to become successful men. Together, these opportunities are known as 9/10 B2M. The 9/10 B2M program has been carefully designed to work alongside Year 9 and 10’s strong and supportive academic, co-curricular, and pastoral care programs to create the ideal educational experience.

Some of the benefits of the 9/10B2M program


Promotes guided, supportive, shared transition as boys become young men.


Strengthens family, community and peer relationships and connections.


Helps boys learn and grow through transformational experiences.

The 9/10 B2M program is built around the four archetypes that represent a BGS boy as he becomes a successful man: the caregiver, the wizard, the warrior, and the sage. Through a variety of programs spread across Years 9 and 10, the boys will personally grow and develop, be extended and challenged and finally, near the end of Year 10, complete the Making of Men Rites of Passage program. Once this program is complete, the boys are welcomed back into the community as young men and they will then lead the School through their Years 11 and 12.

While the transition into manhood is the pinnacle, the journey itself is a crucial part of the process.

The key features of 9/10 B2M are:

  • World-class outdoor educational journeys.
    Opportunities include:

    • The Great South West Journey
    • Jatbula Trail
    • Kokoda Track
    • Fiji Sea Kayak
    • New Zealand Cycle Glacier Tour
    • Bogong High Plains Ski Journey.
  • Local, national and international opportunities to contribute to ‘Service’ programs with various foci:
    • art
    • marine biology
    • homelessness
    • poverty
    • Indigenous community
    • Social problem solving through creative and innovative thinking.
  • ‘Tomorrow Man’ – a series of social and emotional development seminars.
  • ‘Connor’s Run’ – a community-based charity fun run that holds a special place in the BGS community – where all boys will contribute either by running or working in support.

The 9/10 B2M program is complemented by a robust academic, rich co-curricular, and strong, supportive pastoral care program. This is Year 9 and 10 at BGS. 

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