Robin Batterham attended BGS from 1950  to 1955  and completed a PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Melbourne in 1969.  He went on to receive a scholarship from the Commonwealth Scientific  and Industrial  Research Organisation (CSIRO), to undertake a post-doctoral at the central research laboratories of ICI in the UK. Robin returned to Australia as a research scientist with CSIRO’s Division of Chemical Engineering. During this period  he undertook a significant  number of innovative projects in the mineral  processing field and  in 1985 he was  appointed Chief of the Division of Mineral and Process Engineering. During his career with CSIRO, Robin promoted close industry  connections which led to the development of numerous novel processes which are still used in the mineral  sectors in Australia  and  overseas. In 1988  Robin was  approached by CRA Ltd (now Rio Tinto Ltd) to take  a major role in technology development. Many of the company’s industrial  technology successes are  a result  of Robin’s work. When  the Federal Government introduced the CRC Research Initiative Robin was  awarded an early appointment as a key advisor. The success of the CRC program owes much  to his expertise. In 1999  Robin was appointed the Chief Scientist of Australia, a position  he held at the same time as being  Chief Technologist for Rio Tinto Ltd. As Chief Scientist, he advised a large number of government bodies, including the Australian Research Council and the Cooperative Research Centres Committee. He was responsible for the major research review which produced the blueprint  for Government support for research in the early years of the 21st  century. His report,  titled The Chance to Change, has  been widely accepted by the Australian research  community and  the Federal Government. Since he was a student, Robin has had a love for organ music and he is now the organist for the Scots Church in Melbourne, where he can  frequently be heard performing. He has  played the organ in many  major cities of the world and  released several CDs. In February 2003,  Robin was invited to give the prestigious Danckwerts Memorial Lecture in London and his lecture on Chemical Engineering and Sustainability was greatly acclaimed. Recently he has  been elected to the World Chemical Engineering Council,  a position  acknowledging that Robin is one  of the top ten chemical engineers  in the world.

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