We offer scholarships based on many criteria including area of talent and personal circumstances. 

We welcome applications from talented boys who believe they can make a positive contribution to the BGS community.

The number of Scholarships awarded each year is dependent upon the quality of the applicants and the availability of places.

Scholarships may only be awarded to students who are permanent residents or citizens of Australia.

Opening dates occur throughout the year, depending on the scholarship. If the scholarship you’re interested in is currently closed, please register your interest to be notified of when they open. 


Open Scholarships



Opening date

Closing date

General Excellence Scholarships Open 6 December 2021 4 February 2022
Instrumental Music Scholarships Open 6 December 2021 11 February 2022
St Andrew’s Choir Scholarship  Open 25 November 2019 When filled
Mirams Scholarship Open 31 July 2017 Ongoing


Closed Scholarships



Academic Scholarships Closed
The Peter Toms Scholarship Closed
BGS Rugby Scholarship Closed
The OBGS Scholarship Closed
The Jeyakumar Scholarship Closed
The John Gray Scholarship Closed
The Joe White Scholarship Closed
Indigenous Scholarship  Closed
Scholarship 431
The Rick Pemberton Scholarship
The Robert Connor Dawes Scholarship Closed
The Briars Scholarship Closed
The Robert Rofe Scholarship Closed 
The Mabel Fairweather Scholarship Closed
The Dylan Alcott Foundation Comport Scholarship Closed