Welcome to the BGS Middle School       

Head of the Brighton Grammar Middle School, Mr Jeremy Martin

We warmly welcome you to what is considered to be one of the most innovative and contemporary Teaching and Learning spaces in Australia – the BGS Middle School. 

Opened in 2014, this beautiful, modern and spacious building is designed to reflect and reinforce our motto ‘Let us pursue better things’. The technology rich flexible learning spaces support the learning needs of all boys by providing a variety of options including: large group lectures, collaborative team-oriented activities, spaces for small group withdrawals, or one-on-one individualised learning and regular classrooms for explicit teaching.

The pedagogy underpinning these flexible learning spaces focusses on engagement and the development of 21st Century skills and competencies. Teachers work in teams, utilising their individual strengths, to design a creative, innovative and engaging curriculum that intrinsically motivates boys. The variety of learning tasks and the use of the space enables boys to develop their ability to; take the initiative and be enterprising, communicate clearly, work with others, solve problems and self-manage.

Adjusting to secondary school can be a challenge, but in our self-contained community, your son will soon discover that he will always be well supported by our staff and will develop a genuine sense of belonging very quickly. We work hard to ensure boys embrace the breadth of opportunities that are available in the Middle School.  We are committed to fostering their natural curiosity, while they are establishing new friendships and learning more about themselves and the community in which they learn.

Head of Middle School


Understanding Transitiontimmarshall

The middle years of schooling mark the transition from primary to secondary school and are significant in the life of every boy. This is a time of enormous change – physical, social and emotional.

At this stage of their education, boys experience new challenges including a larger physical environment, new teachers, a larger peer group and increased opportunities for self-awareness and independence. Our experience shows in order to manage these challenges successfully, boys and parents need guidance, support and information. The Middle School Transition Program aims to provide this to each boy and his family.

By the time your son arrives in the Middle School, he will be familiar with the physical grounds, his peers, the teaching staff and the School culture. Our Transition Program aims to build confidence and resilience in your son as he begins to develop positive relationships with key staff members and a new peer group.

We look forward to meeting your son and working with your family. We actively encourage each and every boy to embrace all the wonderful and varied opportunities on offer.

Transition Coordinator


7 Tips for Year 7 Transition

Year 7 brings together boys from the BGS Junior School and boys from a number of local primary schools. Our goal is for each boy to have a seamless transition into Year 7, and he feels secure and engaged in his new learning environment.

Here are some transition tips you may find useful:


Get to know BGS by accessing and reading the weekly eNews will give an ‘insider’s’ view of the Middle School. Please click here to view the latest eNews. For day-to-day operational information, downloading the BGS School Stream App will provide you with all you need to know. 


Make sure your son is familiar with any new travel arrangements. Very often the move to secondary school means travelling further to and from school on public transport. Organise a Myki and check your son knows where to get on and off! You may find it useful to go on a ‘test run’ during the summer holidays.


Organise School uniform and be mindful your son will grow. Listen to your son and be aware he may have some concerns about his changing environment and social groups. This is to be expected. Contact your son’s House Tutor if you have any concerns or would like some strategies to help manage these changes.


Once he has started at BGS, encourage your son to join in school activities as this is a great way to make new friends with similar interests.


Help your son to develop effective learning habits. Work out a daily timetable that incorporates all his activities and interests. Explain that while your son is responsible for his learning, you as parents want to be involved and look forward to hearing all about his day.


Assist your son to develop good organisational skills. Encourage him to pack his bag each night for the next day – resist the temptation to do it yourself!


Understand that change can be tiring. Help your son maintain good sleep routines.


Important dates for boys

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

8.25am – 3.35pm, Middle School (entrance off Allee Street)

Boys are asked to meet at the Middle School by 8.20am. This day gives boys a chance to meet under the guidance of Middle School House Tutors and Heads of House. Activities will be conducted in small groups.

Academic testing will be held ahead of the 2017 School year*.

What to bring:
• Writing equipment
• Snack for recess and lunch

Dress: Neat Casual

*Note: Boys will undertake standardised ACER Year 7 entry testing that allows us to formulate learning profiles in conjunction with other tests (NAPLAN etc). No preparation is required prior to this day.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Year 7 Parents’ Information Evening
7.00pm, Middle School Nexus (entrance off Allee Street)

This is an opportunity for you to meet key staff members who will talk about the transition experience and daily life in Year 7. Music, Sport, Outdoor Education and Language Staff will also be present to answer questions. This information night is held on the evening following Transition Day #1  and is for parents only.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

8.25am – 3.35pm, Middle School (entrance off Allee Street)

Please arrive at the Middle School by 8.20am. Boys will spend the day in Learning Commons undertaking a range of activities with House Tutors, Heads of House and other Middle School teachers in preparation for their first day on February 1, 2017.

What to bring:
• Writing equipment
• Snack for recess and lunch

Dress: Neat Casual


Primary School visitsmap

We think it is important to visit the boys in their current school environment before starting at BGS and answer any questions or concerns they may have about starting secondary school. During Term 4, various Middle School Staff will visit primary schools of boys entering BGS in 2017.

For boys currently in Year 6 at BGS, Mr Scott Davies and several current Year 7 House Tutors will visit the Junior School during this time.