Category: 3 Cornered Partnership

From mid-afternoon and into the evening on Tuesday and Thursday, it was Parent-Student-Teacher discussion time in the Secondary School with a mix of on-site staff and those at home speaking to boys and their parents.   Though through the screens it’s always great to catch up and have these conversations together.  

Dr Swann hosted webinars for parents over two nights and talked about the teaching and learning principles behind distance learning, how the program is structured and the role parents can play while students are learning off-site. His key takeaways were that parents can assist by: helping the boys to maintain their physical and mental health […]

Big Write is a literacy approach recently introduced in Year 1. It ties in perfectly with Visible Learning because it ensures that both teachers and children know what they can and can’t do, so that gaps can be identified. It focuses on a number of key elements, including: the importance of talk and oral rehearsal […]

We are leading the way at BGS by housing the Crowther Centre, which aims to ensure that all we do is done through the lens of research, best practice and evidence informed decision-making.  As parents of ELC to VCE students, we seek your feedback via this short survey on (1) a potential long day care […]