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Construction is complete and the new Student Services area is open and operational. Student Services brings together a range of different student support areas that were previously found in separate geographical locations across the school. It encompasses general counselling, careers counselling, learning strategies, VCE information and the health centre, offering students a one-stop shop for […]

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‘Career choice’ can be daunting words. It’s one thing to consider a list of professions but quite another to understand what these roles involve on a daily basis. BGS boys are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to hear about a wide variety of careers, in practice, at the biennial Futures Forum. Last week, the […]

Whoever said libraries are boring hasn’t been to the Senior School Library at lunchtime. Head to the Yates Room and you might stumble upon a Lego Ferrari or Ferris Wheel, an animated conversation about literature or a documentary on immortality. A new student-led committee is organising events and selecting new materials, and a number of […]

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