F1 in Schools Program 2019

Liam Konidaris, Year 11

Visiting the National Finals at Bosch was a great way to kick-start the Program for all of the boys interested this year. Being able to observe the standard at which teams need to perform to make the National Finals, as well as providing an opportunity for those boys fresh to the Program to gain some insight into what it involves, will have been very useful to get us all started.

I remember when I first began the Program with little to no knowledge about what it entailed, having been able to visit the finals and understand concepts such as ‘key deliverables’ and sponsorship ‘return on investment’ would have been an instrumental assistance. For our team, entering the Program for our third season, it was useful to see where our competition was at, and a little uplifting to notice that the standard should be highly achievable for our group.

I have learnt invaluable skills during my time in the Program relating to many aspects of business: engineering, graphic design, and countless other fields and have undoubtedly improved my soft skills such as communicating. This year the team is hoping for even bigger and better things and I am looking forward to further improving my skills outside the classroom and seeing what we can achieve this season as a team.

The group of 22 Year 7 – 11 students who visited the F1 in Schools National Finals at Bosch in Clayton with Mr McLellan and Mr Watson. They are pictured with Lewis Hamilton’s world championship car from several years ago. The afternoon was a really valuable experience for all but especially for the new Year 7 boys to help them fully understand the scale of the F1 in Schools competition. It was great for them to see the reigning world champions from South Australia who were back as helpers and also to check out the current level of competition for their own progress later this year.