Year 9 Breakthrough

From the Crowther Centre

Breakthrough is an experiential cultural development program transforming the Secondary School.

The overarching program brings together our Anglican heritage, academic, co-curricular and pastoral care programs to create the ideal educational experience, allowing the students to become the best version of themselves.

It creates opportunities for the students to build deep connections (to family, their peers and community) be authentic (in their understanding of themselves and dealings with others) and motivated (to learn and grow through experiences to become the man they want to be).

The program sits within the Positive Masculinity framework and our +M Facilitators are past students who can relate to their younger peers.

In Year 9, in the initial phase of Capstone, the students undertake a series of Breakthrough Workshops and will immerse themselves in a 5-day Breakthrough awareness experience. The Breakthrough phase is all about developing a greater awareness and respect for different people’s experiences and perspectives.

In the first week of June, they will then have the chance to immerse themselves with a particular community or organisation. Amongst the choices are four different Victorian Aboriginal On Country programs, including Human Melbourne, Sustainable Melbourne and our Artist in Residence program with Bayley House. 

James Hilditch
Cultural Development Coordinator

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