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Developing, inspiring and guiding each boy in his journey to adulthood.

Be part of a supportive, single-campus community

Brighton Grammar’s ELC, Junior School and Secondary School co-exist in one location in Bayside, Melbourne and our student number is capped. This means that every boy in the School is known, celebrated for his individual passions and talents, and continually encouraged to be the best version of himself.

Be part of an entrepreneurial culture

In an era when traditional careers are changing, we encourage boys to adapt to this shift and harness new opportunities. From building billycarts in the Junior School to developing an iDesign invention in the Secondary School, boys are supported on a daily basis to develop an enterprising mindset.

Be part of a community where wellbeing is a priority

A boy needs a strong sense of wellbeing to grow into a truly successful man. This is why wellbeing is a core part of the daily curriculum at BGS. We want our boys to feel good, function well and contribute to society in a positive way. We believe it is critical to equip our boys with the skills and mindsets that counteract mental illness and prepare them for a ‘life well lived’.

Be part of your son's journey from boy to man

Boys are growing up in a world where definitions of masculinity are changing. At BGS, boys are encouraged to explore what it means to ‘be a man’ both in their own life and within society, and to break free from the constraints of stereotypes.

Be part of our high-performing learning environment

Our focus on increasing student engagement over the last few years has resulted in exceptional academic results. We use coaching methods to foster a high-performance environment; not only do the boys receive one-on-one coaching from a member of staff but they also learn to coach one another.

Be part of the creative arts

In a recent survey of 1500 CEOs of major companies, ‘creativity’ was identified as the most important leadership competency for a successful enterprise of the future. Creativity matters, for without it nothing new would be created. It allows for creative thinking and effective problem solving, and promotes an ability to adapt to an ever changing world. Creativity is the skill that will allow our boys to tackle the jobs which don’t exist yet.

Be part of a sporting team

At BGS, sport is a part of who we are. The spirit of friendship and support of our community means that everyone is involved – it doesn’t matter what you play.

Regardless of ability, sport offers opportunities to develop grit and perseverance, a commitment to excellence, and the resilience to face disappointment. Sport requires hard work, selflessness and critical thinking. This is why all boys at BGS participate in organised sport.

Our sense of belonging and the pride we have for our school is no more visible than insport. Join the crowd watch a game on the Crowther Oval and be part of it.

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